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Mayuko Kudo researches how new materials or methods like AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), 3D Scanners, 3DCG and Video Mapping can intervene in the material world with their analog media and real space. She creates new sequences by combining analog media, real space, painting and digital media. She finds a key-image or key-object in concrete things and places and uses it to connect the real with the virtual space. She adds a narrative to this key and develops the space further. With her curiosity and her visual narratives, she transforms a noisy washroom, a dark and cold cellar at the conservatory, a broken wall no one cared about after the collapse of the Soviet Union in Lithuania, a huge building of the Ars Electronica Center in Austria or a bakery in a Polish village. In other exhibitions, she paints the key on a canvas. Soundscape, abstract phenomena, human emotions and their own mental world are broadening them through AR (Augmented Reality). Her work is a dialogue between her and the world.

Cologne, Germany
Panemune, Lithuania
Lanckorona, Poland
Linz, Austria
The Bell (360 degree video), Cologne
Lille, France
Cologne, Germany
Bremen, Germany
Bremen Germany

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