MR Installation

AR Animaton, 3D Animation, 5m40s, 6m4s
AR App, Wall Paper, MDF, UV Print, Smart Phone, Carpet

at Apollo tower, Düsseldorf

About this Place
The “Apollo Tower” at Königsallee 106, an office building erected in 1967, replacing the magnificent Apollo Theater in Dusseldorf, Germany. The rather inconspicuous high-rise with its glass facade, a height of 69 meters, and 18 above-ground floors becomes a stage for a variety of artistic interventions for several weeks until its demolition.

The speculative animation depicts the actual space where the tall building will soon be demolished. The narrative is conveyed through two monitors. Visitors can experience this story using an AR App within the space which are exactly connected the story.

The story revolves around an imaginary plant growing at a border that represents a symmetry axis. The structure of the foyer’s ceiling is bare, and its geometry appears to be missing half. The imaginary plants called “Apollen,” which inhabit the edge of this structure, create an imaginary symmetry and spread their pollen between the real and imaginary spaces. The man working here experiences symptoms caused by the pollen. He wants to rid himself of this bodily reaction and waits for the building to be demolished to break the symmetry of the structure.

Technical Description
Both the 3D animation and AR App have been developed using Unity. The building is modelled using Shapr3D and Blender, and figures are drawn in VR using Adobe Medium.

Exhibition Information
“False Spring”
Apollo Tower, Düsseldorf, Germany
May 13–June 19, 2022
Organized by 701 e.V. Kunstverein