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3D Animation (11m57s), AR Animation

at Art Plaza Oita, Japan

About this Place

This art hall, built by architect Arata Isozaki, contains ideas for environmental art, which was one of the trends in art and architecture in 1968. It is an art style where all elements, including light, sound, and color, fill the space surrounding the viewer.


The space appears empty at first glance; however, visitors can behold 3D figures falling from the ceiling. These figures were brought to life by trending words on social media platforms. Rather than relying on natural light, they are illuminated through an AR app on smartphones. The actual space adheres to the principles of environmental art, while the smartphone offers an augmented experience, revealing additional layers—the otherwise invisible information of our digital realm.


Now, 55 years have passed since its construction by Arata Isozaki, and the environment surrounding us has drastically changed. It consists of an environment that uses RGB colors and digital signals, such as images viewed through a smartphone, a large amount of information, and information communication that goes beyond physicality. We quoted words murmured on SNS since the Corona era, such as Corona, social distancing, lack of masks, vaccines, state of emergency, and holding the Olympic Games, and replaced our surrounding social environment and situation with 3D objects. A ball with a pale mask, a disgusting Olympic symbol in the flesh, and a syringe sticking into an inorganic object fall from the skylight instead of natural light. Expanding the environment digitally into this natural environment by merging color, light, and sound, creating a double space within a space.

Technical Description

The space is scanned using ios 3d Scanner App and the 3D Modeling is created using VR Drawing Software Adobe Medium and Blender, and the animation and AR App have been developed using Unity with the AR+GPS Location Plugin.

Exhibition Information 
“ARTPLAZA Departure” 
Oita, Japan 
Solo Exhibition Young Artists’ Support Project
Organizer: ARTPLAZA