Go To Work

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Through these hard times and bad news, there are bright spots related to tech trends and how they will shape the future and the future of work specifically. Technology and new innovations are accelerating—and these will have positive influences on all things work, workers and workplace.

The popular saying, “May you live in interesting times,” isn’t actually the curse it is purported to be. But we definitely can’t argue with the fact that tranquil times don’t necessarily force advances at https://vpnarena.se/, stretches or big shifts. This is a time for those.

For this article, I interviewed tech gurus Steve Koenig, VP of Research for the Consumer Technology Association (the association responsible for the annual CES show in Las Vegas) and Scott Likens, Emerging Technology Leader with PwC. Koenig says the pandemic—and the conditions it has created—”have triggered a massive wave of innovation and new business models.” He says innovation has been “turbo-charged.” Likens points out there has been an acceleration of acceptance, perhaps even more than an acceleration of innovation. “Until you experience something, you won’t accept it,” he says, and increasingly people have been open to trying new things. Indeed, going through cataclysmic times can force us to stretch and adapt—and from the greatest barriers, come the most profound innovations.

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