VR Animation

at Mozilla Hubs

Project Outline
As a part of the Anti-Asian Hate movement, curator Duoni Liu, myself, and artists with Asian backgrounds collaborated to create an exhibition on the internet using VR mozilla Hubs platform. Each of us brought unique perspectives to the issues, resulting in the creation of individual spaces within the virtual realm. Although these spaces are separate, they are intricately interconnected within the virtual environment.

Collaboration with
Duoni Liu (China), Dong Zhou (China), Jacky Bastek (Germany, Thailand)

About this Place
A certain tram stop in the center of Cologne, Germany. There is a church nearby and they regularly run a soup kitchen for those in need. A place where a relatively large number of financially destitute people gather. Shortly after I moved to Cologne, a man asked me for money at this tram stop, and when I refused he was yelled at and made racist remarks.

I transformed my negative experience with a racist incident at a tram stop into a virtual reality (VR) narrative, allowing viewers to immerse themselves and relive the encounter.

Technical Description
3D models are modelled using Blender and the experience are developed in Mozilla Hubs

Exhibition Information
“Be nice with Fried Rice”
Online VR Exhibition on Mozilla Hubs 
Feb. 25, 2022 – open end
Curated by Duoni Liu and her master’s degree students’ graduation exhibition