Lost Items


Video Installation
3D Animation, 4m37s

at Künstlerhaus Sootbörn

Project Outline
Art and Science in Dialogue project curated by artist Maria Hobbing, in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Christian Schwanenberger (elementary particle physicist, DESY, University of Hamburg). Artistic imagination is not just the concern of artists; it is an integral part of being human. Again and again, the need arises to create spaces of interplay and freedom, to enable tension between inspiration and intuition, and to uncover resonances where unnecessary to determinative correlations are entrenched. What is matter? Where are the boundaries between object and being?

About this Place
This building in Hamburg, Germany, was a middle school built in 1929 in the Bauhaus style. Due to the extension of the Hamburg Airport runway right next to the building, the upper two floors were reduced, and since 1962 it had been used as a school warehouse. Since 1992, the artist’s initiative has been used as a studio for artists as the Künstlerhaus Sootbörn.

On a monitor placed in a cabin that used to be a projection room, you can see animations depicting different views of the exact same space.

This is a short essay animation: I often lose things, so I make sure not to lose them. When I intensely think about things, my thoughts’ energy is transformed into mass, and the things are drawn to me and stay around me. But when I forget to think about them, the things are freed from my attraction and disappear somewhere. Perhaps they are drawn to another massive entity somewhere. Yes, it was never my carelessness that caused me to recently lose an important key.

Technical Description
The 3D Modeling is created using VR Drawing Software Adobe Medium and Blender, and the animation have been developed using Unity.

Exhibition Information
“Was ist Fiktion?”  (What is fiction)
Künstlerhaus Sootbörn, Hamburg, Germany 
Curated by Maria Hobbing