Born in Oita, Japan. Bachelor of Film and Theater at Tama Art University, Tokyo in 2013, Diplom of Fine Art at University of the Arts Bremen, Germany in 2018 and currently studying in the field of digital media, animation and site-specific Art at Academy of the Media Arts Cologne, Germany.

With the theme of the relationship between what exists in real and the virtual, and how the virtual intervenes in the real space, starting from capturing existing places, objects or materials as one of the media, and installing a narrative artwork on site, using digital media such as AR and VR.

Diplom Prize of 29. Art award of Johannis-Freemason foundation “Zum Silberner Schlüssel” (2018), finalist of 42. Bremer Fine Arts Awards at Städtische Galerie Bremen (2019), Urbanana – Areal Places_VR Festival in Gelsenkirchen (2020, 2021), Dialog Exhibition at Japanese culture institute Cologne by Japan Foundation (2020), BREATH Artivive & artéQ Presents open call for NFT auction selected works exhibition at Desiderio Gallery Wien, Austria (2021), Art and science exhibition “Was ist Fiktion” at Künstlerhaus Sootbörn culated by performance Artist Maria Hobbing and Prof. Dr. Christian Schwanenberger, Elementarteilchenphysiker, DESY, Universität Hamburg.