小さい頃あまりおもちゃを買ってもらえなかったので、広告の裏紙に絵を描いたりティッシュや空き箱、新聞紙やゴミを切って貼って遊んでいました。素材や媒体は変わりましたが、今もなお何かを作り続けています。最近はAR, VR, 3DCG, 3Dスキャナー等のメディアと実空間の関係性や、それらがどのように介入していくかをテーマに制作しています。
When I was little, I didn’t get much toys. So I used to draw pictures on the back of flyer, cut out and paste tissues, empty boxes, newspapers and trash, and played with them. The materials and media have changed, but I have been creating something even now. Recently, I work on the theme of the relationship between media such as AR, VR, 3DCG, and 3D scanners and real space, and how they intervene.
Such as the laundry room where the noise of the washing machine is noisy, the eerie underground space of the College of Music, the Lithuanian architecture that remained untouched after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the bakery more beautiful in a small Polish village and the fassade of the Ars Electronica Center, etc. I am trying to expand the virtual world into reality starting from what exists in the place (real space).
Born in:
Oita, Japan (1988)
Live in:
Cologne, Germany


Diplom 2 of Media Art/ Academy of Media Arts Cologne
Diplom of Fine Art / University of the Arts Bremen
Bachelor of Film and Theater/ Tama art University Tokyo


29th Art award of Foundation “zum Silberner Schlüssel”
Bremer free mason’s loge House

Solo Exhibition

Award ceremony and exhibition “zum Silberner Schlüssel “
Bremer Logenhaus / Bremen (DE)
Galerie Flut /Bremen (DE)

Group Exhibition

Raumsagashi-Dialogausstellung with Suse Itzel / Japanisches Kulturinstitute, Cologne (DE)
Mayuko in Ordnung / Galerie Graumalerei, Berlin (DE)
Chitarakatha Design Festival 2019/ National Institute Of Design, Andhra Pradeh, Vijayawada (IN)
Auf Durchreise !? / Chelsea Hotel, Cologne (DE)
Ars Electronica / Linz Ars Electronica Center (AT)
Superbooks / Haus der Kunst, Munic (DE)
Collaborative Intervension / Achtbrücken Musik für Köln, Chiristkirche, Cologne (DE)
42. Bremer Art award for fine arts 2018 /  Städische Galerie Bremen (DE)
scaeng / MOM artspace,  Hamburg Behörde für Kulture und Medien, Hamburg (DE)
Kröte Teufel, Tod / Kunsthalle Bremen (DE)
Tehran Art book Fair / Tehran, Iran
Weiter / Galerie Dechanatstraße, Bremen (DE)
NeWoMan Craft Art Market / Lumine Shinjyuku, Tokyo (JP)
Bremer Zine Festival, Galerie Dechanatstraße, Bremen (DE)
Künstlerische Intervension / Lictenburg Studio, Berlin (DE)
OP CALL FAQ / project spaces FAQ Tor am Güterbahnhof, Bremen (DE)
Schreib mir Emmy ! /  Berlinische Galerie, Berlin (DE)
Screening / Schauburg Bremer Filmkunsttheater, Bremen (DE)
OFFENES ATELIER / Galerie Dechantstraße, Bremen (DE)
Karton / Galerie Flut, Bremen (DE)
NIE SOLO SEIN / Galerie Dechanatstraße, Bremen (DE)
ANIMAL ART/ Kaktus Basement of Akureyri Art Museum, Iceland


Sep. 2019
International animated film Workshop, Lanckorona/Poland
Foundation from German Institute for Animation’s film
Mar. 2019
Video mapping festival 2019, Lille/ France
Residential Workshop for Video Mapping
Oct. 2017 
Lichtenberg Studio, Berlin/ Germany
Artistic Intervension im open space of district Lichtenberg in Berlin
Sep. 2017
International animated film Workshop, Lanckorona/Poland
Foundation from German Institute for Animation’s film
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